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Open Mic on Tuesdays night from 9:30pm till late.
Wednesday to Saturday night from 9:30pm till late.

”Harmony” are pro’s, simple as that.  They get a full band sound with just 3 people.
• Alvin the guitarist is truly an orchestra on his own, playing rhythm, bass lines, harmony, melody and solo’s all in perfect timing, all with one guitar. Truly a marvel.
• Eejay has mastered the Cajon and gets 20 sounds out of instrument where most people can only get two. His hands are everywhere, fingers non-stop tappin’ creating fills and subtlties that makes occupy every space in the room.
• Malou  lead singer combines the soul power of Aretha with the rasp of Janis Joplin and the groove of Adele that just blows the mind. Her vocal control is uncanny!

Music Selection: Very diverse selection of music. Mostly in the realm of soul, r&b, pop, and oldies but goodies.