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RODRIGO GONZALES - McCawley's Futian Head Chef 福田麦考利主厨介绍

Rodrigo by the age of 18 years old realised he had a passion for cooking and was encouraged to enroll in a culinary school on a study/work program in Mexico. During this time of studying he worked in some well-known kitchens learning firsthand the necessary skills from experienced chefs in all areas of cooking, meat preparation and management.




After graduating Rodrigo set off for Europe to take on new challenges and experiences. Spending 8 months in the kitchens of Madrid working with great European chefs he focused and honed his skills in both Japanese and Thai cuisine which then led him to job offers in Shanghai.





Arriving in China he started working for a well-known restaurant Mi Tierra and later moved to the Haute Mexican restaurant Mexo at the Bund. With his desire to remain in China he moved to Guangzhou to take on the role of Head chef at McCawley’s Butcher Block Steakhouse. Rodrigo quickly built up a faithful following of meat lovers cooking mouthwatering steaks and other meat cuts on a Josper grill.

This passion led him to twice winning the vote “chef of the year” award in That’s PRD Magazine.


来到中国后,他先后在著名餐厅Mi Tierra以及外滩的高级墨西哥餐厅Mexo工作过。喜爱中国的他,决定移居到广州,并接任广州麦考利牛扒坊的主厨一职。Rodrigo对肉类烹饪的出色技巧,总能做出令人垂涎的牛排以及烤肉,收获了一众肉类爱好者的芳心。

Rodrigo对烹饪的热情从未消退,加上出神入化的烹饪技巧,让他两度获得That’s PRD杂志投票选出的“年度最佳厨师”奖项。



We would like to welcome Rodrigo back to McCawley’s as Head Chef of Futian kitchen and look forward to some new innovations during the year.